Booking National TV Commercials w/ Casting Directors Vicki Goggin & Angela Mickey

Booking National TV Commercials w/ Casting Directors Vicki Goggin & Angela Mickey


Course Description:

“Commercial Auditioning with 2 LA Casting Directors” A 4-Week Intensive with Vicki Goggin & Angela Mickey (via Zoom)

Learn how to have a lucrative career in acting for commercials from two top Los Angeles (and New York) Commercial Casting Directors.

This is a deep dive into all areas of TV commercial auditions with quick insight given into tools, processes, and mindsets that actually nail auditions right now and can set you up to be the one who books in today’s rapidly and constantly changing world of commercial auditions, both those in person and more important than ever now, post-2020, those done through the new paradigm of self-tapes.

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4-Week Session Dates:

Saturday, April 8th at 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Saturday, April 15th at 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Saturday, April 22nd at 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Saturday, April 29th at 10:00am – 2:00 pm

WEEK ONE  – Vicki Goggin

Vicki’s hands-on class attacks every current need of both the casting director and her advertising clients, stripping away outdated layers of “commercial acting” formulas in which actors get stuck and focusing on that which authentically brings out your believability, personality, and flexibility of performance, essentials in today’s fast-paced, unpredictable and if done correctly, very fun, casting environment. Class material is pulled from Vicki’s thousands of casting sessions to date. Class outlines are subject to change, just like commercial auditions!

The Players and the Psychology – Learn how those whom you’re auditioning for think and what they need/want that only you will uniquely (and can easily) bring to the casting session.

Actors are introduced to the Players in, and the process of the commercial audition. They learn how to view their own and each other’s auditions using the eyes and mindset of Directors and Ad Agencies (the ones who decide who will book), as well as the Casting Directors.

Non-dialogue commercials – the on-camera interview. This is a popular audition for all those roles in which Performers don’t have lines but are still considered and paid as Principal actors. It’s also an audition towards which most actors innocently take the wrong approach. Actors learn that it’s not a test and how they’ll make it a slam-dunk rewarding experience for not just themselves, but also for those considering them for the role.

WEEK TWO – Vicki Goggin

One Liners – One of the most common auditions, but one even the most experienced actors don’t know how (or don’t bother) to nail. Vicki shares the arsenal of simple [secret] tricks she uses in auditions to help actors breeze through and nail one liner auditions (or any troublesome single lines in longer copy) with the believability, personality and flexibility her Directors and Ad Agencies want.

Actors learn how to direct themselves with these tricks… and how to rise above the competition who just “says” the line. If time allows, students will also tackle the more challenging slogan-based one-liners.

QUOTES from Vicki Goggin:

  • “Every commercial audition is a vehicle for your personality.”
  • “In commercials, the character is you. Nobody does you better than you; heck, you’ve been doing it for 20, 30, 40+ years. Believe me, I know – I’ve seen plenty of others try to do Vicki, and no one does it even remotely as well as me.”
  • “In dialogue auditions, your screw-ups may be gifts from the gods.”
  • “If you screw up, make-it-up. You’ll always find your way back to the copy, and no one will die.”

WEEK THREE – Angela Mickey

Longer dialogue commercials. Actors are given a folder of commercial copy to select from one or more of Angela’s auditions. New techniques are added to those learned in Week One, & Week Two and then the actual audition experience with Angela is simulated.

WEEK FOUR – Angela Mickey

Angela will assign commercial copy to each actor from any of her previous castings. This is a culmination of everything absorbed Weeks One, Two and Three, now adding the inevitable partner scenarios and the spontaneous use of Improv/Ad Libs (both voluntarily and when things go wrong, out of fun heroic necessity) to the final audition equation.


Vicki Goggin

Casting Director, Commercial Audition Technique

Vicki Goggin has cast thousands of national as well as digital, regional and foreign commercials over the past  30 years. She started as the in-house commercial casting director for two of New York’s largest ad agencies  before staking her claim on Los Angeles as Vicki Goggin & Associates Casting..She works consistently with  top directors, production companies, ad agencies and brands. She has cast films and TV for FOX, MSN, ABC,  Lifetime, NBC, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon; but her passion is casting the actors in commercials and other  campaigns for high profile award-winning clients including McDonalds, Volvo, Coca-Cola, Walmart, BMW,  Facebook, Gillette, American Airlines, Sketchers, Bayer, Microsoft, Frito-Lay, Allstate, Lipton, GMC and so  many more.


Angela Mickey

Casting Director; Managing Director of Casting at Liz Lewis Casting Partners

Angela Mickey is the Managing Director of Casting for Liz Lewis Casting Partners and has been at this powerhouse office for 21 years, casting on-camera commercials, V/O’s, animation, TV, Film, and theater. Recent commercial projects include Comcast, Redemption Whiskey, AT&T, and iHop.. Recent film/tv projects include The Girl Who Left Home, The Clearing, DOE, ReRUN,  A Year In Change, and the animated shows Get Rolling With Otis and Superkitties.

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