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  • “Commercial Audition Technique” 6-Week Intensive with Vicki Goggin (SEPTEMBER 2021)

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    Course Description:


    This is a deep dive into all areas of commercial auditions with quick insight given into tools,  processes and mindsets that actually nail auditions right now and can set you up to be the  one who books in today’s rapidly and constantly changing world of commercial auditions, both those in person and more importantly than ever now, post-2020, those done through the  new paradigm of self-tapes.

    Vicki’s hands-on class attacks every current need of both the casting director and her  advertising clients, stripping away outdated layers of “commercial acting” formulas in which actors get stuck and focusing on that which authentically brings out your believability,  personality and flexibility of performance, essentials in today’s fast-paced, unpredictable and  if done correctly, very fun, casting environment.

    Class material is pulled from Vicki’s thousands of casting sessions to date. Class outlines are subject to change, just like commercial auditions!

  • 6-Week Class with Zora DeHorter – starts Thursday, September 30th at 6:30 pm (*PDT)

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    Course Description:

    “Cold Reading & Scene Study Mastery”

    Focus on nailing the audition. Learn the intricate aspects of auditioning for different formats.  Understanding how to prepare for a callback.  What gets in the way of booking your callback.  Preparing for industry meetings. Week Five will include a guest Theatrical Agent evaluating your prepared monologues.


    What is expected
    Preparing for Zora’s ongoing class
    (e.g., self-tape recording to view/critique in class)

  • Class with Mark Teschner – starts Tuesday, October 5

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    4-Week Workshop with Mark Teschner starts Tuesday, October 5th, 2021 at 6:30 pm (PST).

    Work with Emmy-winning Casting Director Mark Teschner on developing acting skills that can be used on Television and Film.

    This intense 4-week course focuses on the craft of acting and developing powerful audition skills. It is a challenging class that strengthens your performance skills while emphasizing character development and creating a powerful audition experience.

    Class size is limited and each session is approximately 2 hours in length.


  • Sitcoms with Deborah Barylski October 30th 2021

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    Course Description:

    Sitcoms with Emmy-Winning Casting Director Deborah Barylski

    The course will cover auditioning for comedies/sitcoms. Some areas of focus: how to mine a scene for its funny elements and discussion of different genres of comedy. Additionally, see how your personality and personal character traits can help your comedic approach to a scene. There will be ample time for discussion and questions.


Deborah Barylski

Casting Director

Deborah Barylski is an Emmy Award-winning casting director. In a 35-year career, some of her most recent credits include THE MIDDLE, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT (for which she won the Emmy), LIFE WITH BONNIE, STILL STANDING, HOME IMPROVEMENT and JUST SHOOT ME, as well as past favorites FRANK’S PLACE, THE FAMOUS TEDDY Z and DOCTOR, DOCTOR. She also cast the feature, PASTIME, which won the Audience Award at Sundance in 1990. She was nominated for the Artios Award for excellence in casting seven times, and won the Artios in 2003 for ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT.

Her first love, however, is the theatre and she has directed in theaters in Michigan, Illinois, California, and Alaska. She was the assistant director and contributing editor to the world premier of TRACERS, a play which ran two years at the Odyssey Theatre in LA, with further productions in New York, Chicago, and an international tour. Her most recent full-length Los Angeles directorial outing, the world premier of SOLACE by Jake Jay Clark, garnered three L.A. Weekly Award nominations, including “Best Direction,” “Best Original Play,” and “Best Ensemble.  She was selected to direct in the auspicious Ojai original Christmas play series in 2010.

Parallel to her casting career, she has held acting for the camera, cold reading, and audition classes in professional and academic venues in California, New York, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Washington, Virginia, Michigan, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Canada. She holds professional memberships in the Casting Society of America and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. She was a member of the American Theatre Association for twenty-five years. She holds a B.A. in theatre from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, and a Master’s in directing and theatre management from Illinois State University at Normal. She has been inducted to the “Hall of Fame” at both Alma Maters. She resides in Santa Monica, California, and St. Louis, Missouri.

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