Workshops are where actors learn from the industry's best.

Welcome to the 4-Week Workshop: more connection time, larger impact, & more in-depth training!

Each casting workshop offered at TVI Actors Studio provides space for an actor to take risks, and collaborate with other students who bring with them a variety of perspectives. Many of our workshops take place over the course of multiple sessions, allowing a deeper connection with the Casting Director and a richer benefit to your acting craft.

The acting workshops are structured with specific goals in mind, providing tools and techniques that encourage success and provide the actor with a competitive edge in the industry. A variety of workshops are offered ranging from Introduction to Acting to Advanced Audition Techniques, giving actors of all experience levels an opportunity to train on a regular basis.

Other curricula offered are On-Camera for Film, TV, and Commercials, Audition Techniques, Improv, Voice-Overs, to name a few.

Command Your Audition
With Mark Teschner

Work with Emmy-winning Casting Director Mark Teschner on developing audition and performance skills that can be used on Television and Film.

Audition For Primetime TV
With Angela Terry

This is THE Actor's Toolbox. The focus of this course is to give the actor practical, accessible tools & processes that allow them to simply do what the character is doing, nothing more and nothing less.

Master Class
With Mark Teschner

This class is offered for ALUMNI ONLY of any of Mark’s previous classes. This is an intensive 4-week class that builds on the work from his previous classes and will take your work to a new level.

Commercial Audition Technique
With Vicki Goggin

Work on all areas of auditioning for commercials and gain insight into booking the job from the casting director’s point of view.

Film Audition Domination
With M'Saada Nia

M'Saada Nia will help diagnose each actor’s individual strengths and work through their specific challenges with the audition process.

TVI’s Los Angeles Acting School has Casting Director Workshops ranging from Acting for Film, Scene Study, Cold Reading, Acting for Daytime Soap Operas and Commercial Technique. Many of the acting workshops are on-camera – using the most modern technology available to today’s Film and TV industry – and all are held in our studios or black box theatre. In addition, the Los Angeles school offers long-term conservatory courses for those students seeking submersion into acting study.

Full-time programs range in focus from Method Acting to Industry Showcases, and One-Night Acting Workshops with prominent Los Angeles Casting Directors and Talent Agents. The teachers at TVI’s Los Angeles Acting School range from award-winning Casting Directors to professional, well-recognized, and respected Actors, giving our students not only a comprehensive curriculum of acting workshops but also first hand insight to the realities of the Acting Industry.

TVI Actors Studio believes an integration of foundation technique and Industry Education is imperative for cultivating a multi-faceted acting career.

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