Command Your Audition – June 2024

Command Your Audition – June 2024


The class is held in person in North Hollywood, CA.

TVI Actors Studio’s exclusive learning experience features the expertise of casting director Mark Teschner, CSA, a recipient of 11 EMMY® Awards. This class will be held in person in North Hollywood, CA.

Mr. Teschner personally guides participants on a 4-week journey, cultivating the skills necessary for day-player, recurring, and series-regular roles.

This class transcends the boundaries of Daytime TV, extending its focus to ANYtime. Mr. Teschner’s dedication and skill are evident as he challenges actors to achieve their best performances. Throughout the course, attendees hone their craft for daytime productions but also for primetime and film auditions. This ensures a well-rounded and impactful learning experience.

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4-Week Session:

Wednesday, June 12th at 6:30 pm (PST)
Wednesday, June 19th at 6:30 pm (PST)
Wednesday, June 26th at 6:30 pm (PST)
Wednesday, July    3rd at 6:30 pm (PST) – No class – July 4th week
Wednesday, July 10th at 6:30 pm (PST)

Please note: Actors must be at least 18 to enroll in this class.
Previous acting training is also required.
Please get in touch with us at la.admissions@tvistudios.com if you have any questions.

Session 1: Introduction & Day Players

In this session, Mark will discuss his experience as a Casting Director for 41 years, both in NY & Los Angeles. He’ll also begin working with students on Day Players’ scripts and how to break them down and make the strongest choices.

Session 2: Day Player Intensive

This session will work on Day Player, Recurring, and Contract roles and making powerful/exciting choices that make auditions pop. At the end of class, each student will be assigned another scene to challenge them in their growth as an actor.

Session 3: Audition Intensive

In this session, you will focus on making strong/dynamic choices. Each actor is unique, and Mark works on bringing out that uniqueness in their work, which leads to compelling & memorable auditions. At the end of this session, each actor will be assigned another challenging role for the following week.

Session 4: Callback/Producer Sessions

This class is the culmination of the 4-week program. Each participant will be challenged to up their “game” to create powerful producer sessions and callbacks and book the role.


Mark Teschner, csa

Casting Director, Teacher

Mark has been the Head of Casting for a major Network TV Series for over 32 years, during which time he has also taught at TVI Actors Studio. He is the recipient of 10x EMMY® Awards for Casting. Mark has a unique ability to communicate with actors which encourages them to deliver their best performance.

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