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  • “The Drama of Daytime” Weekend Intensive with Casting Directors Marnie Saitta and Mark Teschner

    Casting Director Workshops $345.00 Add to cart

    Spend the weekend working with Marnie Saitta, CSA, and Mark Teschner, CSA, both Head of Casting for a Network TV series. (via Zoom).
    The two have won EMMY® Awards for “Outstanding Casting of a Drama Series.” Together, they have cast approximately 15,000 episodes of network and streaming television. Their combined experience auditioning actors every weekday for nearly 50 years gives them an intimate understanding of what makes an audition great.

    *Payment plans are available on the final checkout page.

  • A Virtual Theatrical Showcase with 8 LA Agents & Managers – Application process

    Casting Director Workshops $50.00 Add to cart

    Over four weeks, your chosen scene will be evaluated by 8 Los Angeles Talent Agents and Managers. Each week, there will be one agent and a manager.

    Friday, July 14th, 2023

    Application Fee: $50
    if accepted, the Showcase Fee is $465

    Payment is for the application fee only.

    If your application is not accepted, you will receive an explanation and a full refund of the application fee.

    If you are selected for the showcase, the $50 application fee will be applied toward the total tuition cost of $465. Therefore, your remaining balance to participate will be $415.


  • Class with Mark Teschner – starts Monday, July 11th

    Casting Director Workshops $495.00 Add to cart

    4-Week Workshop with Mark Teschner starts Monday, July 11th, 2022 at 6:30 pm (PST).

    Work with Emmy-winning Casting Director Mark Teschner on developing acting skills that can be used on Television and Film.

    This intense 4-week course focuses on the craft of acting and developing powerful audition skills. It is a challenging class that strengthens your performance skills while emphasizing character development and creating a powerful audition experience.

    Class size is limited and each session is approximately 2 hours in length.

    *Payment plans are available on the final checkout page.

  • ​​Comedy and Drama Audition Intensive: “Unlocking the Power of Performance” with Casting Directors Geralyn Flood and Mark Teschner

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    ​​Comedy and Drama Audition Intensive: 
Unlocking the Power of Performance with Geralyn Flood and Mark Teschner (via Zoom).

    Get ready for an exhilarating opportunity! Geralyn Flood, esteemed partner at the Casting Office of Hirschfeld/Flood Casting, and the renowned Marc Hirschfeld, have been the driving force behind the casting of numerous iconic Sitcoms and Dramatic TV series over the years.

    In addition, brace yourself for the dynamic presence of Mark Teschner, a 10-time EMMY Award winning casting director recognized for his exceptional work casting one of America’s longest broadcast series, bringing unparalleled expertise to the table.

    Together, Mark Teschner and Geralyn Flood are gearing up to lead an Audition Intensive Weekend Workshop on November 18th and 19th, an event you won’t want to miss, all brought to you via Zoom.

    Expect Ms. Flood to dive into the world of Comedic Auditions, sharing insights on how to stand out from the competition. Meanwhile, Mr. Teschner will spend the day delving into dramatic scenes, reading opposite each participating actor. Get ready to elevate your audition game to new heights!

    *Payment plans are available on the final checkout page.

  • Command Your Audition

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    The class is held in person in North Hollywood, CA.

    TVI Actors Studio’s exclusive learning experience features the expertise of casting director Mark Teschner, CSA, a recipient of 10 EMMY® Awards. This class will be held in person in North Hollywood, CA.

    Mr. Teschner personally guides participants on a 4-week journey, cultivating the skills necessary for day-player, recurring, and series-regular roles.

    This class transcends the boundaries of Daytime TV, extending its focus to ANYtime. Mr. Teschner’s dedication and skill are evident as he challenges actors to achieve their best performances. Throughout the course, attendees hone their craft for daytime productions but also for primetime and film auditions. This ensures a well-rounded and impactful learning experience.

    *Payment plans are available on the final checkout page.

  • Demo Reel Showcase with 8 LA Agents & Managers, via Zoom (Application)

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    Over the span of 4 weeks, your demo reel will be showcased and evaluated by 8 Los Angeles Talent Agents and Managers, via Zoom. We will also have surprise Casting Director guests in attendance. 

    A Los Angeles TV & Film Casting Director will be reviewing all submitted demo reels and selecting actors to participate in the showcase. 

    See more details below.

    Wednesday, October 26th.

    *Payment is for application fee ONLY.

  • Feature Film Audition Intensive with LA Casting Director, Dean Fronk, CSA

    Casting Director Workshops $495.00 Add to cart

    Dean Fronk’s Four Week TVI feature film audition intensive- the intensive will focus on auditioning and self taping in today’s acting environment, the dos and don’ts of self taping and building confidence in making big choices and standing out in an audition- be prepared to work!

    *Payment plans are available on the final checkout page.

  • Master the Audition with LA Casting Director, Paul Ruddy, CSA

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    This 4-week course is created exclusively for online learning, led by Paul Ruddy. It allows attendees to work on both dramatic and comedic material from many projects that Paul has cast. In addition, the class will delve deeply into the casting process and the art and business of Acting, effective auditioning, and industry trends at a time when we are experiencing sweeping change throughout the entertainment world.

    *Payment plans are available on the final checkout page.


Paul Ruddy, csa

Casting Director

PAUL RUDDY, CSA: Paul has cast over 200 films and television series for Netflix, Tubi, Lifetime, Hallmark, Disney, Dreamworks, Syfy, Fox, and NBC/Universal, with A-List talent including Nicolas Cage, Harvey Keitel, Constance Wu, Rita Moreno, Vivica A. Fox and Jack Black. An Emmy-Winner for the Netflix series “Eastsiders,” Paul’s recent television credits include the AMC horror anthology series “Creepshow.” Other notable talents Paul has cast include Sydney Sweeney, Peter Bogdanovich, Justin Long, Mena Suvari, Fran Drescher, Harvey Guillen, Molly Ringwald, Ryan Kwanten, Lou Diamond Philips, Brandon Routh, Gena Rowlands, Cameron Monaghan, Chad Michael Murray, Jackie Weaver, Vinnie Jones, Steve Guttenberg, Patrick Swayze, Keith David, Kelly Hu, Tanner Buchanan, Darren Barnett, and Cole and Dylan Sprouse.

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