How you present yourself in the audition room, is a huge factor in booking the part. If you don’t dress the part you are going for, you are only hurting yourself in the end.

Simple tips for actors to dress the part:

( 1 ) Think about the character breakdown.

Is this what the character would wear? Clothes can help an actor get into character and feel more like the person they are playing. Sometimes a casting director needs help seeing your potential for a part. Perhaps wearing the right clothes made you exactly what they were looking for!

( 2 ) Don’t make it a Halloween costume.

You’re going to an audition, not ComicCon. Sometimes you may be told or feel like a costume needs to be worn for an audition. There are times where costumes are acceptable! Most of the time they are just looking for a vibe. If you’re going for a teacher, dress business casual.

This may be a little extreme for an audition.

( 3 ) Iron your clothes (A CAMERA SEES ALL WRINKLES.)

Just like a job interview, do not show up looking like a hot mess express. Don’t let wrinkles on your shirt be the reason you don’t book the role. 

( 4 ) Pick something that you are comfortable in.

Auditions are already stressful! Don’t let what you’re wearing be another stress factor. You want to be confident and comfortable. 

( 5 ) Audition proof yourself.

If there is a lot of movement/action in a scene, you want to make sure you can comfortably move. Recently I did a scene where I was standing and talking to my brother. I was wearing a dress because it fit the character and all I was doing was standing. After the first run-through, the casting director wanted me to sit in the chair and do it. The whole time I was tugging my dress down because it kept riding up. It totally took away from my performance! Keep those things in mind before your audition. 

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