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Alan Coto

Talent Agent

There is only one thing he lives by: Be true to your roots and never sacrifice your personality.  Everyone signed to 90210 commercials is a leader and takes ownership of the rules. His zenith is to be empowerment for his actors. The new exemplar is a meticulous roster.  One that Nick Saban would nod at in respect. This means a desire to win. He has 100 percent dedication and his vast knowledge of the industry creates no limit for greatness. He is a warrior for his clients and expects nothing less from his actors.  The vision is to create a lasting impression in the industry for 90210 Talent. His database is limited to adults with elite training or children with these enduring qualities. Talent that understands that the audition is special. Performers joining the new age of 90210 commercials are dominant and have already packaged themselves to be in demand. If you are truly ready then 90210 has the gateway to ascendance.

Sueanne Edan

Talent Agent

For over 15 years Sueanne has worked in the entertainment industry.

Sueanne started out in theater working both behind and in front of the curtain.

After moving to LA for her children who started acting, Sueanne wanted to learn all she could to help them by learning the TV and Film side of the business hands-on. She started auditioning and acting, also working in casting and production which lead to her launching a magazine to help actors who were new to the business, after learning about show business, Sueanne was offered a job as a Talent Agent due to her knowledge of the inner workings of the industry. It was working in the many facets of the business that has taught her how to be an efficient and very hands-on agent.

With clients that have worked on network shows as Guest Stars and Series Regulars, feature films and national commercials, Sueanne has the connections needed to help get her clients out on auditions.

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