5-Day Program learning from Jaime Love from LoveStone Agency

Welcome to TVI Actors Studio in Los Angeles

Merging Traditional Actor Training with the Realities of the Industry

Since 1986, TVI Actors Studio has been in the forefront of dramatic education by providing acting classes, courses and workshops at schools in Los Angeles, CA and New York City, NY. TVI Actors Studio, the premiere Acting School in Los Angeles offers acting classes, workshops, and seminars for aspiring and professional actors. TVI’s Los Angeles Acting School has classes ranging from Acting for Film, Scene Study, Cold Reading, Acting for Daytime Soap Operas and Commercial Technique.


The 5-Day Immersion Program

This is not a program to make you famous! Come live the life of a Hollywood Actor this February, 2018! Experience a jam-packed 5-day program! You will perform for and learn from renowned actors/acting teachers and be critiqued by LA’s top talent agents, managers, and casting directors from the Film and Television Studios.


On-Camera Scene Study with Guest Agents

Each actor works every session on-camera with a guest talent Agent or personal manager every month. This unique format is led by professional actress Tracey Rooney. This affordable course has been recommended by industry professionals for years.


Theatrical & Commercial Agent Performance Evaluation

This course is designed to help actors get significant feedback from working Theatrical OR Commercial Agents. Actors will have individual time and also receive feedback on: Headshots, Interviews, Resume, and their Performance.

TVI Testimonials

TVI’s Full Time Program is a fantastic way to network with esteemed agents, managers, casting directors and more. I was able to establish a relationship with an agent during my stay and secure an 01 visa through her sponsorship.

Kevin Teh


TVI Actors Studio is amazing and launches careers. One of my first breaks was from Mark Teschner when I was cast on General Hospital in a couple of different roles. TVI Actors Studio is very knowledgeable about the industry and supportive of actors careers! They are professional and help you become the working actor you want to be. Check them out today.

Sonja Fisher

Los Angeles

The TVI program helped me realize my passion for acting. Not only did the fantastic teachers helped me hone my acting skills, they taught me so much about the business aspects you don’t learn in books.  This course gave me direction, knowledge, confidence and the ability to believe.  All the staff are seasoned professionals and know the industry.  TVI is the best thing I have done for myself and my acting career.

Tammie West


The TVI full time program is a fantastic course.  The teachers are all working professionals in the industry who help you develop skills in a range of aspects from cold reading to callbacks and from scene studies to voice and movement. I have gained so much from my experiences at TVI and I am very appreciative that a course like this exists.

Chantal Bui Viet


TVI was a great experience unlike others due to the insight into the working acting industry. The highlight of the program was getting a call by one of the top LA’s agencies.

Joshua Ockenden


A professional set of offices and multi-purpose work rooms dedicated to acting classes, auditions and similar activities. Bright, clean and modern. Easy to find on Ventura Blvd. @ Sherman Oaks even when catching train/bus to get there. Very nice environs with dining and coffee places very close by. I enjoyed auditioning at TVI Actors Studio.

Jane Edwina Seymour

TVI Actors Studio is where I got my first big break from Mark Teschner’s class to the cast of General Hospital in a recurring role opposite and working with the Amazing GH Cast and Crew… Thank you TVI and Mark Teschner…!!!

Michael Twombley

I am a young seasoned actor since 2006. Acting professionally around the Los Angeles area as well as various locations. This particular studio was a very refreshing find for me. Met with Jennifer about a week ago and I am glad I did. This studio is one of its kind. It not only has the talent of other industry professionals to assist you in your journey of being a “working actor” but has the tools for you at your disposal.
Highly recommended!

Nicole Mason

Los Angeles

Loved being directed by Multi-Award Winning Casting Director Mark Teschner; Invaluable experience!!!

Jeanne Carr

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