Feature Film Audition Intensive with LA Casting Director, Dean Fronk, CSA

Feature Film Audition Intensive with LA Casting Director, Dean Fronk, CSA


Dean Fronk’s Four Week TVI feature film audition intensive- the intensive will focus on auditioning and self taping in today’s acting environment, the dos and don’ts of self taping and building confidence in making big choices and standing out in an audition- be prepared to work!

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4-Week Session:

Monday, 3/13/23 @ 7:00 pm (PST)

Monday, 3/20/23 @ 7:00 pm (PST)

Monday, 3/27/23 @ 7:00 pm (PST)

Monday, 4/03/23 @ 7:00 pm (PST)


Please note: Actors must have previous acting training to enroll in this class. Please contact us at la.admissions@tvistudios.com if you have any questions.

Week 1

an introduction to auditioning – we will discuss the virtual audition process in 2023- doing Q & A at the beginning and then cold reads selected by Dean and pairing actors up- don’t worry we know it’s a “cold” read – all scenes are from movies Dean has cast and you will get a re-direct- make sure to go to his imdb and check out the number of films he’s cast in just over 20 years

Week 2

we focus on choices, actors will receive scenes in advance with notes about direction and specific choices for each role he wants to see, you will hear Dean say this over and over- the most prepared actor will always stand out above the others, memorization is key- and you will need to memorize BOTH ROLES- these scenes are tongue twisters with major choices,  we will start with a Q & A regarding anything discussed in the last week and then segway into the choices for this scene- again actors will be paired up and will do each role  twice with a re-direct

Week 3

this week you will pick from three different scenes, each will have a character breakdown, and what Dean is looking for in the scene- you get to “create” a character, have fun with this, make your choices stand out, be memorable- you will be reading one on one with Dean this time – really push yourself to be memorized, we will do a Q & A at the start addressing and then have specific times scheduled in advance for you to do your scene

Week 4

This last week we will focus on scenes specific to the actor- what Dean wants to see you do role wise- what character he wants to see you portray- You will be assigned a scene and time in advance and you will need to be memorized as you will again be reading on one one with Dean, There will be no Q & A this week as each actor will have a five minute meeting with Dean at the end of their scene to discuss anything pertinent, (career, progress in class, headshots, etc.)


Dean Fronk

Casting Director

In 1996, Dean Fronk joined Donald Pemrick to form Pemrick/Fronk Casting (PFC). Pemrick/Fronk Casting has been in business for twenty-five years and has completed over 500 projects ranging from feature films, MOWs, television series, and motion capture video games.

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