Self Taping at Our Studio

Top-Of-The-Line Studio, Readers Provided

The majority of auditions for actors are now self-tapes. With Casting Directors having to compare hundreds of auditions every day, having access to a self-tape studio has never been more important.

We’re proud to provide our students and actors with a top of the line self-tape studio. Conveniently located in our office in the San Fernando Valley! We have a brand new setup including a beautiful Canon 80D camera, a top-quality rode microphone, and picture-perfect lighting.

Schedule Your Self Tape Now

ONLY $35 for 30 minutes

(Reader Provided, Canon 80D Camera, Receive Footage within the hour)

Plus only $15 to have the Audition edited/ready for submission within the hour!

Schedule Your Self Tape Now
Members get 4 FREE Self Tapes Each Month
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Can’t Find A Time Slot?

If you are in need of an appointment outside of the times you see available, please email la.admissions@tvistudios.com or call (818) 784-6500, and we will do our best to accommodate you!

Audition Coaching

In-Person or Online

Perform at your best with one-on-one private coaching.  This personalized training is designed to help actors accelerate their growth. From audition preparation to script analysis, the focus of each session is structured to fulfill the actor’s current needs. Private coaching gives the actor the confidence they need to consistently make unique and specific choices.

Coming Soon!
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