Upcoming Casting Director Workshops in Los Angeles

Date Time Guest Office - Credits
October 6, 2014 7:30pm Mark Teschner & Bob Lambert GENERAL HOSPITAL Head of Casting & DAYS OF OUR LIVES Associate Casting Director. 5 week class I do a lot of workshops and Bob is ABSOLUTELY one of my favorites EVER! Super nice, actor friendly. Gives great feedback and re-direction. Very informative class with detailed info about working on soaps and blocking. Loved the one-on-one he has with each actor at the end of the workshop. Talks about your headshot and what he would call you in for, etc. I can really go on and on about Bob... he's AMAZING!! I would highly recommend any of my actor friends to take his class. Great learning experience and great person to know. JACQUI PHUNG Bob is the best.  Super specific, insightful, supportive, positive and thorough.  And he calls people in!!! SCOTT MILLER He's a lovely guy and truly honest casting director.. MICHELLE HARTLEY Bob was fantastic!  He is super nice and had a lot of helpful information and how soap operas operate differently from other shows.   KATELYN CAUSEY Bob: Gave great feedback. Amazing information and breakdown on what goes on in the set. Loved the scenes that were given to us. Loved that we were on camera and were able to see the playback. Very Personable. Very clear on his direction Very blunt about his feedback but in a helpful and encouraging way. Gave individual feedback in a one-on-one session to talk about our headshots and our performance at the end of the third class. Showed us some does and don't when it comes to sending mailers. Very informative class for beginning actors and season ones who have never been on a soap. DORIS MORGADO
October 7, 2014 7:30pm Rick Messina McCarthy/Abellera Casting - TV & Film: The Mindy Project, Silicon Valley, Togetherness, Blunt Talk, NTSF;SD:SUV, Tim Burton next film, Geena Davis next film. Past films include: 22 Jump Street, Bad Words, A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, Dinner for Schmucks. 2 week Auditioning Technique class 10/7 & 10/14 . Class 2 is one-on-one interviews with Rick
October 27, 2014 7:30pm Mark Teschner & Christy Dooley Head of Casting at GENERAL HOSPITAL and THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL 4-week Soap Class "Thanks to taking Christy's class I booked a 3 year contract on The Bold and The Beautiful" MAITLAND WARD. "Also wanted to tell you, Christy's office called me today to come in and read tomorrow! I'm really excited! Thank you for recommending her class, I'm so thankful just to go in and read for her for the experience regardless of the outcome. I don't even have an agent" ELISA FURIE. "I booked a 2 year recurring on The Bold & The Beautiful after taking the class with Christy, how amazing" MONIKA JOLLY. "I have great news. 2 days after taking her class, she called me for an audition" ALVARO JOHNSON. "Christy's class was extremely informative. She gave excellent feedback and I feel I can audition better now. The highlight of the class was getting a call by Christy to read for a recurring role" PAUL CROWN. "I have taken Christy Dooley's class and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I learned alot. I hope to take it again soon" BONNIE ROPKA.