Industry Intensive Testimonials

  • Have had a great time so far. It was great to be called by a guest and to audition for a series regular on a new show. I have been really impressed by the standard of the people we got to meet. And I have loved the advice that we have been given by everyone. Keep up the good work and keep bringing the great help.

    Alex Roberts

  • The 5 days have been really helpful, supportive, encouraging. I have learnt so much; it has dispelled a lot of myths about LA that I heard back in Australia. It really was such a great week, it is run like a well-oiled machine. Thanks for all the hard work you must put in! I'll definitely recommend it to any other acting friends wondering about America.

    Belle Fitzgerald

  • I’ve enjoyed all the feedback from the guests on our performances. Everyone has been extremely friendly and knowledgeable. The experience has been very beneficial, I’m glad I attended.

    Nichole Stevenson
    Los Angeles

  • You get what you pay for an: “intensive” and it is intensive. A wealth of information. Total access to the gatekeepers of the profession something that would otherwise take so much time to try to do on your own. The whole experience has been rewarding and you have made it especially unforgettable. I will keep you updated when and I relocate which is more likely since attending the intensive.

    Femi Ogubanjo

  • I liked the brutal honesty. I liked all of the guests & TVI staff. It was exciting and fun.

    Kari Davis
    San Francisco

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed everything these past couple of days, from the hotel to the casting directors and agents and the group of talented actors to work alongside. The reviews from the casting directors and agents were valuable and extremely informative about the audition process and the business in LA.

    Daniella Taddeo

  • This experience has been truly priceless. I encourage actors taking part in this intensive to go with an open mind and a willingness and hunger to learn…results will follow.

    James Bendishaw
    New York

  • I thought it was incredibly well thought out and valuable. A crash course and practice at the way things are done in LA.

    Ruth Fallon

  • I was very pleased with the assortment and quality of the industry professionals presented. It was a very productive five days.

    Robert Eckard
    Harrisburg, PA

  • The workshops with the casting directors were very informative. They gave us tools that we could turn right around and use in the agent evaluations.

    Greg Crowe
    Frederick, MD

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