Full Time Testimonials

  • I like TVI’s program because I enjoy having a number of different opinions to improve myself as an actor and being involved in a professional institution.

    Bryan Finck

  • I like TVI’s program because it is a real experience working with people who are in the business. They are active casting directors and everything is closer to the realities of the industry.

    Francisco Solano Lozano

  • I like TVI because they are very helpful setting connections in the industry. They have a lot of good teachers. TVI really cares about their students.

    Matt Lundberg

  • I enjoyed meeting different people within the industry and the lessons I learned here made me feel confident to go to Australia and audition.

    Suzanne McKee

  • TVI shows me more about the LA industry than any other course I’ve ever taken.  A very good decision to come here.

    Johannes Ahn

  • TVI Actors Studio has put together an amazing program. I have grown so much as an actor and learned the difference between making it as a working actor. The classes and teachers are all amazing.

    Swee Ling Khor

  • Taking the program at TVI Actors Studio has helped me to not only improve my acting, but also to learn valuable tools to help me work in this industry.

    Erin Edwards

  • Being at the TVI's conservatory was an amazing experience. It gave me the opportunity to come out of my shell, meet people from the industry, but most important learn how the business works. All the little secrets that can help an actor expand their horizons. I had a wonderful time and will apply everything I learn to my future auditions and hopefully more will come. A big thank you to everyone at TVI.

    Diane Karas

  • TVI is a school where you can improve your acting skills, meet industry people and become a better actor. I personally have improved so much; I even got sponsored by an agent. Everybody here cares about you and your career. The atmosphere in the classrooms is perfect, makes you feel comfortable so you can give a better performance.

    Monica Sagues
    Dominican Republic

  • I am amazed by the confidence I have developed and the skills I have acquired...With dedicated teachers and casting directors sharing their insight and expertise, in a supportive, nurturing environment I feel I have been equipped...to take on the practicalities and complexities of the industry. My experience at TVI has been invaluable and has truly fulfilled my expectations and allowed me to begin to achieve my professional aspirations.

    Eleanor Spain

  • I learnt more in my 16 weeks than I ever have at any acting school. TVI trained me to be the best that I can be and define myself as an actor and a business.

    Alex Zamfir

  • TVI allowed me to meet so many great industry people and share and experience so many great memories that I'll no doubt keep forever... It's a comforting way to dip your feet into the whirlpool that is Los Angeles while still feeling safe that people are there to help and support you along with every aspect of your journey.

    Natalie LeSueur

  • My experience at TVI has been fun and great and it is a great way to meet casting directors and build a rapport with them. I love it; the classes are fun and each week we work on TV/Film scripts. You learn a lot about the industry.

    Feluna Njovu

  • I'm so excited! I just got my 01 Visa, only 2 months after my program was over. I learned so much at TVI and you helped my dreams come true. I came to the program with no expectations, I left with so much more than I ever imagined. I'm more confident about my work and understand what it takes to be a working actor in Los Angeles. I really mean it, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Jared Grange

  • This year I attended the TVI Conservatory Program and at the Industry Night I was approached by a manager who offered me sponsorship. I'm now in the process of applying for my 01 work visa. All thanks to the connections I made at TVI.

    Nathan Gothard

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