Full Time Program

The Hybrid Conservatory: Training & Performance (16 weeks)

If you desire a longer training period, we can create a program for up to one year.

Part 1 (8 weeks)

Features a variety of classes to train the actor to work in the film and television industry. Classes will include scene study, auditioning skills, cold-reading technique, monologue presentation, acting in films, sitcoms, primetime, soap operas, voice-overs, commercials, accent reduction, script analysis, acting, hosting, improvisation, sketch comedy, voice, movement, the business of acting and many more.

Part 2 (8 weeks)

It builds upon the training by giving the actors a chance to participate in various performance areas. Actors will work on a showcase directed by an experienced director. Several times this showcase is performed in front of industry professionals and television & film agents. Also included is a showcase to commercial agents. In addition, the program provides a DVD with copy of their work for possible inclusion on a show reel. Level 2 classes are offered to help each actor to grow professionally

TVI Actors Studio Conservatory provides a rare insight into the entire casting process, from first audition to network and studio screen test. Actors learn various aspects of the business such as networking, marketing and promoting themselves as actors. Every class gives students a context within which to assess their work, their potential and their goals of becoming a working actor. Highlights of the program include individual guest speakers as well as panel discussions, which also provide an opportunity to learn networking, marketing and self-promotion.

The length of the program allows actors the flexibility to get to know and enjoy Los Angeles or New York City as well as pursue an acting career.

The Hybrid Conservatory Full Time Program also includes a TV taping.

Student Visas

Hundreds of actors around the world have benefited from student visas issued by TVI Actors Studio. It has enabled them to study and perform for some of the top TV/Film/Commercial casting directors, agents and producers in Los Angeles or New York.

Also, for every 4 months of full time study under a student visa at TVI Studios, actors are eligible to apply for 1 month of work within the Acting field. It is called optional practical training (OPT).

TVI Faculty

The casting directors, agents, directors and producers selected to teach for TVI Actors Studio are working industry professionals from major TV networks, film studios and prestigious talent agencies. Also included are working actors in film, television and Broadway, who are experts in their fields and provide a direct link to the realities of the industry.

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TVI is pleased to announce that we can now sponsor student visas to study acting in the United States.

All applications must be accepted into the Los Angeles or New York Full Time Professional Actor Training Programs before beginning the visa application process.

Full Time Testimonials

  • TVI's Full Time Program is a fantastic way to network with esteemed agents, managers, casting directors and more. I was able to establish a relationship with an agent during my stay and secure an 01 visa through her sponsorship.

    Kevin Teh, Singapore

  • The TVI program helped me realize my passion for acting. Not only did the fantastic teachers helped me hone my acting skills, they taught me so much about the business aspects you don’t learn in books.  This course gave me direction, knowledge, confidence and the ability to believe.  All the staff are seasoned professionals and know the industry.  TVI is the best thing I have done for myself and my acting career.

    Tammie West, Australia

  • I had a great time at TVI.  I had the chance to work and meet a lot of professionals in the industry.  The consultants and all the teachers were really helpful and nice to us. The information I learned as an actor I could have never found in France as an actor.

    Amandine Farin, France

  • The TVI full time program is a fantastic course.  The teachers are all working professionals in the industry who help you develop skills in a range of aspects from cold reading to callbacks and from scene studies to voice and movement. I have gained so much from my experiences at TVI and I am very appreciative that a course like this exists.

    Chantal Bui Viet, Australia

  • TVI was a great experience unlike others due to the insight into the working acting industry. The highlight of the program was getting a call by one of the top LA’s agencies.

    Joshua Ockenden, Australia

  • TVI is the best, it opens up a world of opportunity that I never knew existed. As a South African actor I have definitively grown and become more professional. Thanks to really good teachers at TVI.

    Andrea Jekkels, South Africa

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