About Us

Since 1986, TVI has provided actors with a center where they can focus on the business of their careers in addition to learning the necessary skills to compete as an actor.

Founded in New York City, TVI opened its Los Angeles office in 1988. In both locations, the primary focus of the studio is to provide actors with a means of learning and understanding the practical "ins and outs"of the acting profession. Classes in audition technique are taught by some of the most prominent directors, producers, casting directors and talent agents on both coasts. These classes range in fields from commercials, primetime and daytime TV, to film, musical and straight theater. All of these classes offer the actor the benefit of audition insight from the professionals who are in the industry, running the actual auditions.

In 1989, TVI began taking these classes "on the road," in the form of weekend workshops with the same industry professionals, to cities around the nation.

Extended trips lasting for several days in both New York and LA occur several times a year. These offer actors from around the country--or those looking at work on a different coast-- the opportunity to meet and be seen by multiple agents, casting directors, directors and producers in a very brief period of time. These showcases offer the dual advantage of allowing an actor to be seen by industry professionals, and at the same time get valuable feedback from them.

Classes are far from the only services offered by TVI. An affordable studio membership provides many services in career consulting and self-marketing for actors. Services range from personal consultations with TVI staff to discuss what to do at a particular stage in one's career to printed services such as resume typesetting, personalized cover letters and corresponding mailing labels to agents and casting directors as well as our "Taking Charge Handbook". In addition, TVI consultants assist members in using this handbook to its fullest advantage. All services are provided without limit or extra charge to members, along with discounts on all TVI classes and seminars.

In the course of a decade, TVI has grown to be well-respected by industry authorities and working actors alike in both New York and Los Angeles. Constantly looking for new ways to offer services needed by actors developing their careers is why TVI Actors Studio is the nation's premiere center for professional actors.