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Command your Audition with Mark Teschner

Strengthen your performance skills, emphasizing character development, believability and overall effectiveness of a scene. Learn to break down and analyze the components of a scene and work with the material to achieve moment-to moment truth in your performance. Mark will teach the key components you need in a scene to help you deliver the best performance.
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Mark has been the Head of Casting for a major Network TV Series for almost 28 years, during which time he has also taught at TVI Actors Studio.. He has been voted by the students as one of the best teachers TVI has ever had. Mark has a unique ability to communicate with actors which encourages them to deliver their best performance.

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Course Overview

Week 1- Ins and outs of working on a soap
Week 2- How to break down a script
Week 3- Day Player Intensive
Week 4- On Camera Scene

Course Tuition

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$395 Non-Members


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