Rebecca Yarsin Commercial Technique

Location: New York

Call for Dates: 212.302.1900

This five-week on-camera class is designed to introduce you
to the specific acting challenges presented by commercials
and commercial auditions. And who better to learn it from
than a major NY-based commercial casting director who sees
hundreds of auditions every week?

Instructor: Rebecca Yarsin

Casting Director, House Productions

Rebecca is a Casting Director at House Casting, NY’s biggest
and busiest commercial casting office. Some of her current
clients include Apple, ESPN, Dove, Bank of America, Actonel,
Campbell’s, Progresso, Charles Schwab, HP, Wendy’s,
Time Warner, Cabelvision, Verizon, Clean & Clear, Microsoft,
WalMart, Hershey’s, Mastercard, and Secret