Soap Opera Technique

Location: Los Angeles

Call for Dates: 818.784.6500

Christy’s offers practical information and insight, demonstrating clearly and effectively what it takes to book work in soaps.

Student Reviews:

"Thanks to taking Christys class I booked a 3 year contract on "B&B"  Maitland Ward
"I have taken Christy Dooleys class and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I learned alot. I hope to take it again soon"  Bonnie Ropka
"Also wanted to tell you, Christys office called me today to come in and read tomorrow! I am really excited! Thank you for recommending her class, I am so thankful just to go in and read for her for the experience regardless of the outcome. I do not even have an agent"  Elisa Furie
"I booked a 2 year recurring on The Bold & The Beautiful after taking the class with Christy, how amazing" Monika Jolly
"Christys class was extremely informative. She gave excellent feedback  and I feel I can audition better now.  The highlight of the class was getting a call by Christy to read for a recurring role"  Paul Crown
 "I have great news. 2 days after taking her class, she called me for an audition. She is also a great teacher and gives you great audition tips" Alvaro Johnson

Instructor: Christy Dooley

Casting Director at "The Bold and the Beautiful"