Soap Intensive

Location: Los Angeles

Call for Dates: 818.784.6500

Strengthen your performance skills in this one-day intensive emphasizing character development, believability and overall effectiveness of a scene. Learn to beak down and analyze the components of a scene and work with the material to achieve moment-to-moment truth in your performance.

Instructor: Marnie Saitta

Head of Casting at Los Angeles Soap

Marnie Siatta is originally from Boston Marnie started performing at an age doing various theatrical productions around the Boston area. Once in junior high she spent a summer at The American Academy of Performing Arts. Marnie went to Emerson College to major in Communications where she auditioned for and received the opportunity to tour with a hippity hop dance troop around Washington, DC While there he interned with Entertainment Tonight assisting the segment producer.

Upon returning to Emerson College, Marnie had done a great deal of volunteer work and decided to start a theater group that would concentrate on the issues of inner city gang members. Using a mixture of actors and city kids, Marnie produced, directed and cast four original productions. At the same time Marnie performed in various productions including West Side Story and Lori’s Song.

After getting her degree from Emerson, Marnie relocated to Los Angeles and was hired to work in casting at the “The Young & The Restless”. Currently she is the head of casting at a long running LA soap.