Soap Intensive

Location: Los Angeles

Call for Dates: 818.784.6500

Strengthen your performance skills in this one-day intensive emphasizing character development, believability and overall effectiveness of a scene. Learn to beak down and analyze the components of a scene and work with the material to achieve moment-to-moment truth in your performance.

Student Reviews:

 "I booked a contract role on GH from meeting Mark at TVI" Amanda Baker

"Just FYI, do not know if I ever shared my testimonial with you. But, I took an intensive with Mark Teschner, he ended up Booking me on General Hospital for a 3 year run"
Adrian Alvarado
Mark was the best teacher I ever had (and I went to UCLA with a BA in Theater). I took the 1 day intensive then the 5 week class. Best thing I ever did. Then Mark booked me to play the role of "Tommy" on General Hospital, Mark Rocks!!  Michael Atlas Lane
"The workshop with Mark Teschner was terrific. Knowing that he has worked with a great many professional actors, it was really a joy to be given very personal coaching. He focused on every individual in the class, giving us his valued knowledge of auditioning with sides. As you well know, Marks sense of humor creates a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in a setting that comes with the typical actor stress & angst."
Richard Reeder
"After taking Marks class he put me on GH several times. He is a great casting director, with a solid background in acting technique. Mark is one of the nicest people in this industry!" LB Zimmerman 
"I took the 1 day intensive with Mark and then the 5 week intensive right after. I learned a lot. Mark is really great and it was nice to take his class" Rhonda Jackson
"Just wanted to say first off how much I LOVED Marks workshop. It really was wonderful and he was so nice and helpful. Thanks again for recommending it." Bridget Bowes
"I was so fortunate to take Marks class. He was the best teacher, ever. What a super guy and yes, the nicest guy too. I loved getting working on GH......a real thrill and a major boost of confidence"  John Patrick Walsh
"What a great teacher and great guy...He booked me on GH after taking his class. I would have still liked him even if he did not book me"  J Walter-Holland 
"Just wanted to thank you for offering the Master Scene Study class with Mark Teschner.  It was a valuable learning experience and Mark is an instructor who really knows how to stretch out your skills as an actor especially with being in the moment.  I was even booked in a recurring role for several episodes on General Hospital which was a whole lot of fun! Thanks TVI!"  Brian Love

Instructor: Mark Teschner

Head of Casting Major Los Angeles Soap

A native New Yorker, Mark Teschner has been a casting director for 30 years. He has been described by Rolling Stone magazine as “an actor’s casting director,” and TV Guide noted his “unparalleled track record for finding new talent.” For the past 23 years, Teschner has been the casting director for ABC’s General Hospital. For his work on the show he has received five Emmy Awards for Outstanding Achievement for a Casting Director for a Drama series, as well as an additional six nominations. Teschner is also a six-time recipient of the Artios Award for Outstanding Achievement in Daytime Drama Casting, given by the Casting Society of America, and has received 16 additional nominations. In addition to his work on General Hospital, he also casts feature films.

Teschner has served 4 terms on the Board of Governors for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and is a former vice president of the Casting Society of America.