Sitcom Technique

Location: Los Angeles

Call for Dates: 818.784.6500

Spend 2 weeks working on sitcom scripts and comedic timing

Instructor: Greg Orson

Greg Orson Casting

Head of Casting for 2 hit series: VAMPIRE DIARIES, SECRET CIRCLE. Read some of his student testimonials:
"Greg called me for a huge role in SECRET CIRCLE. He is a terrific
teacher as well."
-Jennifer McCall

"Greg Orson pulled me in a few weeks ago to audition for a guest
star/possible recurring on his show Secret Circle and I met him at TVI.
So for me TVI studios is a great success!"
-Sean Hemeon

"Greg was awesome! What a great guy and I love that he puts the actor's
nerves at ease. He seems like a genuine good guy!"
-Robert Chan

"Greg's class was fantastic!"
-Jason Bellet

"It went really well, I had a great time and am so happy I did the
class! His feedback was amazing. I've enjoyed both of the workshops
I've done at TVI so far."
-Alexandra Outerbridge

"It was awesome he is such a wonderful director to work with! We did
mock auditions like before, but this time with series regular roles. As
well as under fives. He was very clear and honest about the notes with
the performance, while giving us a taste of what he looks for. It was a
great experience and I would love to work with him again!"
-Gabrielle Walsh

"It was good. Each time was a good 2.5 to 3 hours. Very thorough. He treated it like both an acting class and a real "producer session" style audition where we had critiques; and also simulated callbacks and got to choose who would get the role and such."
-Brandon Greene

"Greg was great last night, I loved his class!"
-Maddie McCormick

"Just wanted to say thank you for recommending me to Greg's class! LOVED how he conducts the class like a real casting session! and he is awesome! never doubted you for a second. It was awesome he ended up casting me again in class for my read. Greg was amazing thank you again for hooking me up."
-Leo Georgallis