Auditioning for Primetime TV

Location: Los Angeles

Call for Dates: 818.784.6500

This 2 week class simulates the primetime television audition scenario and enables actors to work on actual scripts perfecting their cold and prepared readings. The first week actors will perform cold reads and receive feedback and adjustments. The second week actors will present scenes they prepare on their own.

Instructor: Marisa Ross

Casting Director, Ross Silverberg Casting ABC Family's "Greek" and CBS TV's "How I Met Your Mother"

Marisa Ross is a casting director and partner in Ross Silverberg Casting currently casting "Greek" and "How I Met You Mother." Other credits include: Showtime's Tracey Ullman's State of the Union, Single White Millionaire, Hollywood Residential, American Body Shop, The Week Reduced, Snowglove and the Beast.