Advanced Commercial Technique

Location: Los Angeles

Call for Dates: 818.784.6500

Work on-location at”On Your Mark Studios”, Guest Commercial Talent Agents are part of this advanced course. Actors attending will work in all areas of auditioning for commercials and gain insight into booking the job from the casting director’s point of view. This class focuses on advanced commercial technique, the image an actor presents as a stepping-stone to knowing your type, breaking down copy and improvisational techniques.

Student Reviews:

James Levine called me in for an audition for a cookie made in Belgium called Belvita. However, I did not book it but VERY happy that he called me in. Thanks,  Kristen Carney

James just called me in to audition. I give him full credit for helping me nail a commercial for Advil PM. His invaluable insight about the commercial technique process gave me the confidence I needed in the audition room. I also liked his easygoing and sensitive teaching style which allowed students like me to be comfortable and perform with ease. James Levine raises the bar in Hollywood. I booked another commercial for Ford. Also booked a Neutrogena commercial. 

Taking his class gave me added confidence and the know how in the audition room. Arleen McGough


I took his classes and right away I was called for a commercial. Heather Nichols


I was not expecting to be called in so fast, what a surprise. Julie Van Den Bossche


He is an awesome teacher that gives you insights into how the commercial casting directors are thinking. It also helps that he called me in for auditions.

Sara Blindauer


He knows his stuff. It is cool taking a class from someone who is an actual casting director because he gives it to you from his their perspective, the important one. It is a fun class and great instructor. Johnny Healy


James Levine commercial class is excellent. He is a very specific teacher who has a nice teaching style. He does not make anyone feel too bad, and keeps everything too the point. Kenny Apel


I wanted to say thank you for suggesting James class. I have gotten more out of his class in just 2 weeks than I ever would have expected. He really is a great teacher. Thats all. Just wanted to say thanks. Mariah Ohaco

Instructor: James Levine

Casting Director, Action Casting

James Levine, owner of Action Casting. has an extensive resume casting for commercials, voice over’s, industrials and more. Clients include Mercedes, FOX Sports, M&M’s, Capri Sun Sport, Ford Explorer, Michelob Light, Coke, Diet Coke, Canon, Ninendo Game Cube, Stella Artois Beer, Nescafe Express, Gold’s Gym, Grether’s Pastilles, Wagner Pizza, Red Stripe Beer, Opel Vecta, The Energy Guys, Kerry/Edwards and many more. He has worked with numerous production companies including Smuggler, Villains, Hungry Man, Epoch, Atomik Pictures, Uncle Media, Czar, Tool, Dektor Films, Fusion and Ka-Chew to name a few. He has also recently directed spots for Starbucks and Southwest Airlines. James states “And most importantly, I love my work. I love the form, and take joy in the challenges and results of bringing concept to life.”